Yes For Boise Schools

Help Feed Volunteers

Dear Restauranteurs, Market Owners and other Food Purveyors who are friends of Boise Schools,

With the bond campaign to remodel, rebuild or improve many of our district’s schools in full swing, we are about to begin the active phase of our campaign which involves phone banks. We have wonderful parents and teachers who volunteer in teams to make calls all evening on behalf of the campaign. To show our appreciate for their time and energy we like to feed our volunteers.

We are contacting you to ask if you would be willing to generously donate food for these volunteer teams of about ten people. The teams are active three evenings a week for the next eight weeks.

If you able to donate meals once a week or even once a month we would greatly appreciate your help. Email to let us know!

Thank you,
Dana Zuckerman
Yes! For Boise Schools

ps: We are a political campaign and thus donations are not tax deductible.


Vote YES on March 14, 2017 for a $172.5 million bond serving all schools without raising the current tax rate