Testimonials and Endorsements for Yes For Boise Schools

Endorsements and Testimonials

Hundreds of Boiseans have stepped forward to offer their time, effort and testimony in support of the bond on March 14.

Among all the testimonials we’ve read, one that stands out was from the perspective of an outside expert, commenting on all four of the city’s public high schools making the list of the most challenging high schools in the nation.

“This is rare for any district of its size nationally, but for Idaho and the Mountain West, it is phenomenal. You should be very proud of that achievement, and do whatever you can to preserve it and improve on it.”

— Jay Mathews, Washington Post columnist, author of the “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” list

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“Boise City Council resolutions are rare and reserved for critical issues that directly impact our citizens. Quality education is the cornerstone to our economy and to maintaining a livable city. The Boise School District is one of the best in the country, and it is imperative that it continues to have the resources needed to … Continue reading Dave Bieter, Mayor of Boise

Dave Bieter, Mayor of Boise

“Graduating from Boise schools in the late 1980s, our children not only got a great education, but were accepted into the colleges of their choice. They have productive careers in a competitive environment. How can we possibly allow today’s children to go backward instead of forward?”

George and Bev Harad

“Idaho AGC and its member contractors are a proud supporter of education. Quality education is a strong foundation for the future workforce of Idaho. We support investments in Boise School District’s future infrastructure as well as investments in the vocational training opportunities that this Bond will bring Boise students. Voting Yes for Boise Schools is … Continue reading Idaho Associated General Contractors

Idaho Associated General Contractors Idaho Associated General Contractors

“Boise Regional Realtors® understands the importance of ensuring schools have the funds necessary to maintain and build great facilities. Not only does it provide better learning environments for students, but it makes our community’s schools more desirable to families considering a move to the Boise region. Therefore, we support the bond initiative from the Boise … Continue reading Boise Regional Realtors

Boise Regional Realtors

“The Boise Metro Chamber supports the Boise School District’s March school bond election. The Chamber understands the importance of providing the Boise School District with adequate resources to ensure that the District continues to produce well-educated children that will comprise Idaho’s future workforce. This bond will allow the District to update aging school buildings with … Continue reading Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

“Strong schools are central to strong neighborhoods, economic opportunity, and a vibrant city. Our world-class public schools are an example of how we do things right here in Boise. They’re an accountable investment in the future—and one we must make to ensure our children continue to receive a quality education and are ready to compete … Continue reading Lauren McLean

Lauren McLean

“Our economic vitality and quality of life are dependent on continued excellence in the education and development of our children. Access to a high-quality education is essential for people to reach their potential. In addition, quality education is foundational to breaking the cycle of poverty and vital to ensuring a high-quality workforce. The Y is … Continue reading Treasure Valley YMCA

Treasure Valley YMCA

“As a business law firm, Stoel Rives appreciates the role of education in attracting and cultivating business innovation in Boise. Strong, safe schools provide an educated and skilled workforce that is good for our local economy, for our clients, and for the families of our employees. Boise public schools rate among the best in the nation. … Continue reading Krista McIntyre, Partner, Stoel Rives

Krista McIntyre, Partner, Stoel Rives

These people, companies and organizations also endorse the 2017 Boise Schools bond:

Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce
Boise Regional Realtors
Boise Education Association
Idaho Association of General Contractors
Boise Public Schools Foundation
Colliers International
Treasure Valley YMCA
United Way of Treasure Valley
Nick Miller and Cathy Silak
Longfellow Elementary PTO
Roosevelt Elementary PTA
Veterans Park Neighborhood Association
Highlands Elementary PTO
Barber Valley Neighborhood Association
Boise High Brave Boosters
Adams Elementary PTO
Monroe Elementary PTO
Riverglen Jr. High
Boise Regional Realtors
Kealy Baughman
Hidden Springs Parent Faculty Association
Kevin Learned and Amy Stahl
Mark and Pamela Solon
Doug and Cynthia Park
Jason and Michele Hutchison
Michael Inman
Paul Turcke and Karen Hudelson
Deborah Watts
Chris and Chelsea Terry
Heather Scott
Elizabeth Rodgers
Maria Elena Schubin
Robin Davis Harre
Mari Lou Matre’
Dr. James and Melanie Loveless
Lisa and Tony Hauser
Dr. Kevin and Michelle Boggs
Stacey St. Amand
Janet McClenahan
Mark and Kristi Jones
Cindy Schaffeld
Anna Nyman
Eric and Leslie Burback
Sarah Edmunds
Dorothy Bennion
Rob and Kayce McEwan
Rochelle Lierz DeLong
Kate Hoffhine
Tessa Jones
Lisa Reed
Gale and Robin Zickefoose
Betty Turner
Kevin and Brandi Downey
Kira Lunde
JeNelle McEwan
Abby Bommarito
Cindy Schaffeld
Craig Roth
Pete and Debby Bailey
Mark Woychick
Erika Weyand
Derek Gardner
Kira Lunde
Aunick and Tyler Lund
Dirk and Sarah Sundt
Dr. Fernanda Brendefur
Stan and Connie Olson
Joanne Wells
Jason and Kayla Burton
Elizabeth Congdon
Frank Robinson
Chris Ryan
Ian and Sally Davey
David C. Pate M.D., J.D.
Central Foothills Neighborhood Assn.
George Iliff
North End Neighborhood Association
Andrea Pettitt
George and Bev Harad
Koelsch Elementary PTO
Holli and Ryan Woodings
Mikel Ward
Emily Reed
Andrew and Elizabeth Scoggin
Taft Elementary PTO
Michelle and Nick Marshall
John and Michelle Watts
Holli and Ryan Woodings
Jim and Stacey Stewart
Dr. Glen and Sue Lovelace
Fairmont Families
Clive and Lisa Cooper
Dr. Dan and Dana Zuckerman
Dave and Jill Wagers
Dean and Carrie Hastriter
Melissa Goode
Karen and Jeff Campbell
Shauneen Grange
Rod and Julie Gramer
Skip and Esther Oppenheimer
Wendy Fox
Monica Trivette
Jeff Dinwiddie
Megan Egbert
Stephanie Myers
Kathy Yamamoto
Tyler and Stacey Targee
Jennifer Blackaby
Holli and Ryan Woodings
Monica Meyring
Molly Blackaby Harder
AJ Balukoff
Darin and Ann DeAngeli
East Junior High School PTO
Jonelle and Scott Warnock
Chelsy Bittick
Dr. John and Stacy Slattery
Bonita and Keith Hammer
Michele Bartlett
Michelle Hurty
Janie Ward-Engelking
Nolan and Paula Crowther
Meghan Everard
Robb and Kate Thompson
Paige Thomas
Erin and Nate Meeker
Susan Mayo
Beth and Jonathan Oppenheimer
Sandra Winters
Diane Schwarz
Jodi Mastas
Nathan Hadar
Gayle Verschoor
Brenda and Dave Spurgeon
Joan Bigelow
Jennifer and Patrick Crow
Sarah Wilson
Tim Lowe
Leigh Ruehman
Jill and Andrew Chrisman
Neil and Maria Greeley
Beverly Boyd
Quane Kenyon
Steve Novotny
Margit Donhowe
Brad and Kristi Ryan
Oppenheimer Companies Inc.
Jeff Cilek

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Vote YES on March 14, 2017 for a $172.5 million bond serving all schools without raising the current tax rate