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Touring The Facilities: An Inside Look At Two Boise Elementary Schools Embracing The Wrecking Ball

Boise State Public Radio’s Matt Guilhem and Idaho Education News are partnering to produce a week-long series on how the March 14 statewide school elections affect students, communities and taxpayers.

In the first installment of our series, Financing the Future: School Bonds And Levies, we look at two elementary schools in the Boise district that will be demolished and built anew with funds from the $172.5 million bond, should it pass. Six elementary schools in total are slated to be demolished and rebuilt with bond funding. But how bad could the facilities be?



‘Busting at the seams’ Whittier Elementary is among top schools for replacement

SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Story: Bill Roberts (

Photo/Video: Darin Oswald (

Whittier Elementary Principal Fernanda Brendefur is starting her second year at a school that has historically been one of the poorest in the Boise School District. With 542 students enrolled this year Brendefur manages a schedule for a building designed for 300 and even more students are expected to attend the school in coming years.

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