About The Bond

$172.5 million bond serving all schools WITHOUT raising the current tax rate

Why vote yes for Boise Schools?

  • This bond allows us to reinvest in our neighborhood schools without raising taxes
  • It’s accountable, addressing critical facility problems now so they don’t cost taxpayers more later
  • It addresses overcrowding and gives students access to safe modern classrooms and schools that reflect best practices in education and technology
  • Ensures students graduate career and college ready and creates a positive legacy for our children and grandchildren, all without raising the tax rate

What’s at stake?

  • Our nationally recognized, award-winning Boise School District is successfully preparing students for college or career despite overcrowded, outdated and aging facilities
  • Learning environments impact student outcomes and our schools don’t reflect the best practices in education and technology that students deserve

What’s the need?

  • This bond will address safety and overcrowding issues while focusing on technology and facility improvements in the District
  • Nearly half of our schools were built between 1912 and 1960, before personal computers were invented and before lunch was served at school
  • A number of schools were built in the 1950s when schools were going up quickly and cheaply
  • This bond also addresses repairs to leaky roofs, floors, and heating/cooling systems – repairs which were deferred during the recession when schools suffered deep budget cuts
  • Ensures schools are accessible to all by complying with the ADA

What will the bond provide?

  • Improvements for ALL schools plus major building projects for 22 schools
  • A new elementary school in Harris Ranch, six replacement elementary school buildings and one historic elementary remodel to replace aging and outdated facilities
  • Improvements to two high schools and two junior highs eliminating disparities among schools
  • Expansion of critical job training programs matched to local employer needs

What’s the value to the taxpayers?

  • Children and grandchildren prepared for college or career
  • Well-educated workforce for attracting and retaining businesses
  • Protecting Boise’s home values, the workforce, safe neighborhoods with low crime rates, and our ability to enjoy our overall quality of life
  • An accountable reinvestment in our neighborhood schools that does
    NOT raise the tax rate

Strong Schools = Strong Community


Vote YES on March 14, 2017 for a $172.5 million bond serving all schools without raising the current tax rate